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APR.26.2014: As an offshoot of the Chamber’s reorganization effort, members have decided to take on the task of researching and compiling a historical record for the neighborhood. The past leaders of the former Hyde Park East Business Association did a remarkable job preserving documents, correspondence, and general records from that organization. These items have been organized and digitally scanned for backup purposes, and are available for viewing at the Chamber offices in 3406 Erie.

This historical record project will go well beyond the history of the business organization. As a separately developed tract from Hyde Park square and its surrounds, East Hyde Park is not reflected in the Neighborhood Council’s history, nor is it really mentioned in the book Cincinnati’s Hyde Park by Gregory Rogers.

In addition to the pillars and the stories behind the ones lost, the neighborhood is home to the infamous ‘mudhole’, the large carbarn on Tarpis, and of course some cornerstone businesses. We are excited at the prospect and compiling and retelling these and other East Hyde Park stories.

We certainly welcome any knowledge and resources from local resident and friends. Old photos, newspaper articles, and maps are particularly awesome!


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