East Hyde Park Master Plan

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DEC.4.2014: The first neighborhood input session yielded some great insight from nearby residents. Readers of the Enquirer’s website or the print version of the Eastern Hills Journal may have caught a report on the meeting. A second session was scheduled for next week but the steering committee has decided to push back the second session to early 2015, once the holiday bustle has quieted. Date, time and location TBD.

NOV.2.2014: The East Hyde Park Steering Committee is underway in its effort to develop and implement a neighborhood master plan. The Committee will be holding its first input session this Thursday evening at the Oakley Recreation Cental, 3882 Paxton Ave. (by the Biggs in the Plaza), from 6-8pm. This is a joint event put on by the committee in coordination with the City of Cincinnati Department of Planning and Development. There will be preliminary ideas for neighborhood improvements, but most importantly, the committee is looking for neighborhood resident input.

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